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I have basically the same problem with a 2005 Goldwing converted about 2006. Tire rubbing been a problem since I've had it. The stock shock wore out and I"ve recently replaced it with an Arnott air shock after talking to an engineer at Arnott about it. I'm satisfied with the shock and have been experimenting with the auxiliary shock setting. Improvement, but no joy. Still rubs with 2 up. A mechanic friend is helping me and is going to mic the auxiliary spring to see if it is the original or replacement. From the ground to the top of the wheel-well opening I only have 23". Does anyone know if the body itself can be spaced to raise it and how to do it? Are there any other adjustments to get the height? I believe the shocks have enough travel to do the job and while improving the ride. Appreciate any help/advice/suggestions, etc. I've been a member for some time, but don't usually comment, especially about technical things I know little or nothing about. Have enjoyed following the threads. Live in Oregon's Willamette Valley.
Lehman designed the the Monarch II conversion to be reliant on the OEM shock and spring and for the auxiliary shock assembly to be an assist for the extra weight of the conversion.

An air shock may raise the rear of the trike but should not be used as the main adjusting point.

Replacing the auxiliary shock without first addressing the OEM shock is a mistake.

It puts all of the work on the auxiliary shock and WILL cause structural failure and fatigue at the mounting points.

Spacing the body will create it's own problems like the exhaust pipes continually dragging the ground and the ability to gain access to the trunk and possibly trunk lid hitting tour trunk.

Like I said previously, Lehman realized as early as 2006 that the OEM spring was insufficient and shortly thereafter included it in their kit to the dealers.

I realized the OEM spring deficiency in the 2004-2006 models specifically of my own customers.

Don't ignore the OEM spring, it is the main support.