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Thread: Dragon Tail

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    This will be the third year that we will be in the area of Deal's Gap. Each year between late summer and early fall we stay someplace in the area with 2 other TG couples. The Dragon is only a minor ride for us and to be honest last year we did it a couple times just because we were going from point A to point B and it was the best way to get there.

    For us there are better roads to ride than the congested Dragon. We will be there again in October and who knows we may skip it all together this year.
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    Earlier this year I was riding the dragon, rescue squad, police and riders were helping to retrieve somebody who went off the edge down the embankment. Donít know if they made it, and the last time about 4 weeks ago some idiot in a sports car looped it into a ditch backwards, no injuries, but they were waiting over an hour for a tow truck. Sports car enthusiasts are just as dangerous, as they have a tendency to shorten the corners as well.

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    Itís tempting to look at the pretty trees etc. but as mentioned before you need to watch that road completely. If you spaz out at scenery for even a second or two you may end up as part of it.

    It can be ridden safely but so many of the corners and curves are so sharp you can see your tail lights just ahead of you. Canít let attention wander. Of course you have the boy racers trying to do time trials through there as well .

    It has to be ridden to be believed for sure but you absolutely have to concentrate to get through it with a large bike.

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