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Thread: Goldwing/CSC trike ride height?

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    Default Goldwing/CSC trike ride height?

    My '02 GL1800/CSI bike sits very low to the ground, about 5 inches off the pavement (measured at the exhaust tip outlet). It rides on 205/60 R15 tires. I have scraped the bottom of the bike on a rough road surface 4 times so far, and it worries me a lot. The question is: Can the ride height be adjusted within the suspension system, or by other means? I would like to get it up another two inches to help avoid scraping.

    Thanks, larry.k

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    I know on my Viper, the fork extensions are only 1" extensions. I have considered changing them out to 2" extensions which would help raise it up a bit in the middle. I'm guessing that the Cobra model also used 1". Papa Zook offered billet extensions on his website. Scroll through this page to see them.

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