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Thread: WarBird Bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnerboy View Post
    I'm sure you get a good number of "rubber neck'ers" looking at you as you ride down the street.......

    Yep very cool!

    Rubber Neckers are not a good idea ... I used to put a canoe on top of my Time Out trailer ... pulled both with a 2004 Gold Wing ... did that twice, both times there was a wreck near me ... guessing they were more interested in looking at me and not the road. LOL ...

    Kewl trike ... very unique. I have a bunch of questions ... but, I will allow them to percolate and maybe get answered on their own ... but the biggest would be ... is it aluminum, SS, hard to tell from the pics ... so the question is, how long does it take to polish all that ... ... just kidding ... I for one applaud you for the effort, not gonna find another one I bet ... way kewl ...
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    I’ll add another WOW !

    Gauges , Plumbing , Ride Safe ....

    I Like It
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    Quote Originally Posted by peteg59 View Post
    How long did it take to build it?
    There' over three years work there. I'm a Disabled Veteran so I don't move as fast as I used to........

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    That is one amazing piece of machinery Warbird, would love to hear it running also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarBirdBike View Post
    WarBird Bike is my current scratch-build, theme bike using old aircraft parts as much as possible.

    Powered by a 540ci, 1942 Kinner, 5-Cyl radial aircraft engine controlled by MegaSquirt EFI......

    This Kinner engine originally powered a Ryan PT-22 USN Trainer Aircraft (from the days of wood spars, dope & fabric)

    Stock engine specs: 160 hp continuous at 1975 rpm (with the stock updraft carb), burns 73 octane gas, has a 5.25:1 Compression ratio, 5 inch bore, with a 5.5 inch stroke, measures 45 inches in diameter and weighs 338 lbs.

    This Kinner radial engine has a couple very unusual features; there is no lube oil to the heads. Grease fittings provide lubrication to the rocker arms and push rods. And instead of a 'cam ring' (like almost all other radial engines of this period) each cylinder has its own cam shaft (so there's lots of gears inside the block to give it a very unique mechanical sound).....
    that thing is scary looking, the dash is intmanating, but I would like to watch it run

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