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Always heard that called a drawbar. it is a hair under 1-1/4" so that it doesn't get stuck over time in the often exactly 1-1/4" receiver. To eliminate slack or play, I went underneath and drill a hole up through receiver into drawbar ahead of cross pin and tapped it for a 3/8" bolt that I tighten, but then I usually leave my drawbar in place on the trike (like a bumper, has tail skid too) unless I use the hitch rack I built (and it too uses both the hitch pin & 3/8" bolt). I only ever heard of 1-1/4", 2" and now ... 3" receivers (really HD) except for a no longer made Reese hidden hitch on my Mercury GM that has a flat drawbar (about 3/4" thick but 3" wide).
CrystalPistol, Could you post photos of the hitch rack that you built? I'm unable to PM you.

If you prefer, you can send them to my e-mail.....tuff.32@fibreop.ca