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Thread: Roadstar

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    I'll bet with a little engineering, your wife could use the pipes for more luggage storage ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaysGone View Post
    If I was 20 years younger I might have strength to try a build.

    I did about 7 years ago bring a total POS Valkyrie back form the dead. Rebuilt it to 98% OEM with NOS parts.

    Cost me a small fortune took a little less then a year to do. Couldn't get anyone to build me a metric trike. Again sold it for a big loss.

    Today I cant work on anything for more then 30 minutes. Its all I have in me. So seeing what your doing is a pleasure.

    I hope the build goes well for you and your wife enjoys the ride.
    we can build a trike out of most anything
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