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I need to take a break about the time I need gas with the OEM tank of 6gal! I get 30 to 35mpg. That's usually 180 to 200 miles on a tank. No need for the aux. tank, IMHO.

What I would add is some type(your choice) of paint chip protection to all forward facing surfaces of the conversion, I prefer LineX but, there are others available.

I don't have a parking brake and use first gear to hold the trike when parked. Have never seen the need for a parking brake.

As for the ground effects, if they are weight bearing, they are a great addition for foot/leg comfort! I removed the foot pegs and rest my feet on the ground effects. Much more comfortable and space to move feet forward and back. Added a Kury heel rest to the brake side to put my heel on while using the rear brake pedal. They also add some protection from road debri hitting the rear fenders.

I agree with all of the above. I don't have an aux tank, and I sure am ready for a quick break at 1/2 tank. I don't have a parking brake either; just use 1st gear. My ground effects/floorboards are weight bearing and I use them a lot. I have a bra and bought covers for the fenders....cheaper than a re-paint. YRMV.