Eagle Guardian Extended Service Plan

Motorcycle Agent by The MVP Insurance Agency offers Extended Service Plan agreements for MOST Motorcycle / Trike Brands still covered under the original factory warranty — or even if that factory warranty has lapsed — at a fraction of the price of comparable plans on the market.

Being that your Motorcycle is still covered under the factory warranty, you can add two (2) to five (5) years of coverage, from the date of the contract purchase.


Eagle Guardian’s ESP plan:

  • Provides coverage for virtually all factory installed or factory approved, and dealer installed mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic parts essential to the operation of your motorcycle.
  • Aftermarket or Upgraded components approved by the manufacturer are covered.
  • Wear & Tear (New Vehicles Only): provides coverage on components listed under Engine, Steering, Suspension, and Transmission where the operating performance has diminished as a result of normal wear or aging. (+$200 surcharge)
  • When you need it — our plans are easy to use and hassle-free
  • Widely accepted throughout the lower 48 US states and Canada

    • Repairs may be completed at ANY Dealership, or
    • Repairs may be completed at ANY reputable and licensed motorcycle repair facility

  • $0 deductible per claim — no matter where the repairs are completed (as per above)
  • Terms are based on Years & Mileage; your enrollment time and odometer are your starting point.
  • Transferable to the next owner during a private party sale
  • Cancellable if the bike is involved in a sale or a total loss
  • Review the contract here: http://bit.ly/eaglecontract

MotorcycleAgent.com offers products that give you the peace of mind you need — to know you are covered — so you can concentrate on enjoying your ride!

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5. Full Coverage Liability Insurance Agency (Currently Licensed in 18 States)

We look forward to working with you to protect your investment.

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“Semper Fi”

Extended Service Contract Specialist

Motorcycle Insurance Broker

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Still looking for more? Visit www.MotorcycleAgent.com for additional information regarding this Extended Service Plan, enrollment, coverage specifics, pricing and terms, exclusions and restrictions, claim process and more.

MotorcycleAgent.com products are sold as the selling dealer and the ESP contracts are administered by AGWS (Compass Powersports). §Not all parts and services are covered. See the ESP contract for specific coverage exclusions, conditions and restrictions, which are subject to change. The agreement/contract is not an insurance policy.

These Extended Service Plans are NOT endorsed or affiliated with any manufacturer. These brands are referenced for compatibility only. All plans are administered and insured by the respective companies.