First research I would have done if I had known at the time is the comfort triangle. DK Custom Products website has a good article about the subject. My memory of the stock bars is that the put me in an uncomfortable and awkward position. I am a little over 6' tall and the bars had me leaned over. I put some 12" KST bars that as well as being taller are also wider which give leverage. Sitting up straight allows you to balance over your core. Leverage makes steering easier. Previous suggestions about locking your push-side elbow and pressure on the outside foot are dead-on. I also pull my inside knee into the tank.

As suggested earlier, find a parking lot and practice. The one thing I would practice the most is staying loose. Tensing up will only amplify discomfort. I would put a top priority on getting your riding position corrected first and then start practicing in order to not develop bad habits.

Confidence will come.

Hope this helps,