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Thread: Rear End Gear Change

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino 2 View Post
    I think Ronnie was talking Indicated miles traveled on the odometer... And not Miles Per Gallon......

    Correct! Miles travel'd...........NOT........... Miles per gallon


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    Default OOOPS

    I just realized the OP posted this 7 months ago. Oh well. It caused me to do a little checking and determine what I would like to do down the road...... Jim
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    Default gears changed - indicated speed is low

    When R/S rebuilt my 2014 rear end they supposedly replaced the gears with the same ratio.They did not. Checking the speed using a car in front of me, the driver held 55 mph, my GL1800 was showing about 50. Using a Waze app on my phone showed the same. I guess from here on out I just need to remember that 5 mph difference. Will tire diameter fix this when it comes time to replace rear tires? Thx.

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    Japanese bikes are notorious for being 5-7 miles off on the speedometer. We have dealt with this on all our Hondas, our Kawasaki 1200s, and the Suzukies we had.

    There are others out there but several years ago we used a plug and play device put out by Dakota Digital to correct the speedometer on our 2008 Gold Wings. It was easy to do and we used the Tom Tom gps to set it by.

    Still working today just fine and no more guessing how fast the bike is really travelling when the radar cop is spotted. Peace of mind. People we rode with thought we were spoiling for a ticket because their speedos say we are travelling around 5mph faster than they are.
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