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More updates:

Yeap the man himself had a new rear sprocket for me, not the cut & created one, but new 1 1/8th in 70 tooth drive sprocket. Cant thank him enough!!! World of difference. No more wobble of sprocket and belt. Love it so far. New rear sprocket now matches the new belt & new front sprocket.

I'm not sure if anyone else has done this - but I've replaced the stock clev block style swingarm with a custom cycles bearing kit. Ill advise how it goes and how it feels. If you watch the YouTube video you will see the bearings pivots with leaning. I've also installed a Rivera Primo stiffy kit to fill the empty space in the isolators and firm it up.

I also bought a metzler888 rear tire for the front along with new 1in bearings. Using a rear tire for the front seems like it can take more weight and wider girth & more tread. Ill advise how it works out.

I found part numbers for my drum breaks and went to Napa to buy break wheel cylinders & pads. Asked the Napa dude what the breaks fit. He giggle and said well your cylinder can fit a 71 Gremlin and pads will fit 80's Ford LTD....I had a good laugh.

The bike has been an experience. I'm now getting nervous because I can see the end of rebuild road, and I'm wondering if I've done anything wrong. YouTube videos and service manual in hand lets hope not. We shall see.
Good job, best of luck on your shake down run