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Thread: Front brake pads, uneven wear

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    Default Front brake pads, uneven wear

    I decided to check my front brake pads on a recently purchased '03 GL1800. (I call left and right sides as I'm sitting on the bike, looking forward.) I pulled the right side and found them worn way down. The outer pad actually showing some metal and the inner pad not that far gone but still thin. I pulled the left side (side with the antidive) and found them to still be within limits. My first thought was that someone only replaced one side somewhere along the line. However, could there be a problem with the system that only one side is truly working as it should?

    On further investigation, is the antidive also called the delay valve? And, does the fact that it has a drilled out nickle in it affect this issue?

    Does the fact that the front brakes now operate from only the front lever mean that only the right side of the duel brakes are functioning?

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    The nickel disables the anti dive. Its a debated subject but many say it greatly reduces the fork seals blowing.The anti dive prevents the front end from compressing under braking.I can't give an informed answer to the rest.
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