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Thread: ... wax the mufflers ...

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    Default ... wax the mufflers ...

    Forgotten how long it takes but I think it was worth it. Good reminder of why I don't favor wet roads on the trike too.

    I didn't watch the Bristol Race today, but I had it on and listened as I meticulously cleaned & waxed the trike from end to end, top to bottom too. I was gonna use some Liquid Glass but I have other stuff already open I decided to use some of it Eagle 1 Cleaner Wax in a bottle new applicator and a couple microfibre buffing towels and I started at about Lap 2 and worked steady up until about halfway through 3rd stage.

    It looks GOOD.

    I didn't do the front wheel, I have two near new front rotors to go on so I'll repolish the front wheel then.

    I need new tips too.

    Is it just me or does anyone else wax the mufflers under the trike?
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    I suppose waxing the mufflers might make it easier for the road debris to fall off. But, the only ones seeing the sparkle are ants and worms..... Jim

    P.S. I have waxed mine too.....
    2008 Honda GL1800/California Sidecar Trike
    Semper Fi

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