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Thread: Prepping for Kira

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    Quote Originally Posted by hogcowboy View Post
    Going to be fun watching her grow up. So enjoy. I must be a pushover cause every dog I've ever had has my number just as soon as I pick them up.
    Yep....thatís why my pooch pak numbers 4.... AND. NO. MORE!!!! Iím too busy now trying to out-live them all!
    New course heading Mr. Sulu: ...2nd star to the right and straight on til morning...!!

    Scooter and Sassi....2 furrever.

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    We had a great first night ... went to bed around 8:30, my normal ... ... Kira woke around 1:30 and we did the potty thing ... we came back in and she played about 20 minutes or so and fell asleep again. She didn't wake up until about 7 am. So, pooch and dad are pretty well rested.

    Kira is all rested up and has gone into a play like crazy mode ... for about an hour ... then sleeps for an hour to hour and a half ... I'm glad for the sleep time .. LOL ... she is wearing me out.

    She's only had 1 accident in the house ... an that was when we first got home. Kira was running around "looking" and I had forgotten that's what puppies do when they need to go. So, she did a dump in my bath room .... she did find the right place ... LOL ... it was like a little tootsie roll ... since then, she's got me trained to be alert to the "potty dance" ... we have a routine ... we play for a bit, sleep for a bit (I mostly just rest), then potty ... repeat as necessary ...

    Just to bring trikes into this ... ... I'm glad I got the trike shocks done last week ... it's gonna be awhile before she's ready for the trike ... but I have a plan, she's had the doggies on already, but she's not real fond of them, she doesn't even like her collar .. ... she'd of made a good hippie ... she likes free ranging. I'm doing collar and goggles a bit each day, not together.

    Step 1: Today we get used to playing in the pet palace, I figure a week or so for this step. Today we are also doing a ride in the Jeep's car seat.

    Step 2: I'll move the pet palace to the trike and let her play in it a little bit each day. Maybe another week.

    Step 3: I start the trike and let her get used to the sounds for a bit. Maybe a week of this too.

    Step 4: Short rides, increasing in distance until she's comfortable.

    I think she'll do fine with the plan, she isn't afraid of anything ... even Annabelle ...

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