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Thread: Looks like Mom may have the Chinese Crud

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzHe View Post
    Mom has a series of 6 appointments for tests over the next two months. And I'll be going with her.
    Be SURE you personally speak to the attending physician when you are there at the appointment. Donít just sit in the lobby waiting for her to come out. Just to keep things straight... been there, done that...I know..
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    Ya get better at this as time goes by. I never listened to her complaints to the doctor. I listened to and observed her behavior. Because when she talked to the doctor you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with her. A bad UTI will have her not even knowing who you are. Shes not gonna want to go to the doctor, she doesn't want to inconvenience anybody, and she Shure as hell won't tell him how bad she really feels. So it's easier when you learn to read between the lines. Glad things worked out for you.

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    1 of the smartest people I know said in post #18 that a UTI could cause those symptoms.

    Alan, I had severe UTI's for years, due to diabetes and borderline kidney failure. After the most severe infection was cleared up with IV antibiotics, the Urologist put me on an oral medication called is not used to treat an active infection, it prevents further infections.

    The Urologist explained that it basically makes your urine so toxic bacteria can't grow in it. After 6 months of use, I never got another infection & it doesn't harm the user, when used correctly. I was on a very low dose and it worked for me.
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