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Thread: Video - Does Your Harley REALLY Need an Oil Cooler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino 2 View Post
    Devils Advocate Here........And Hypothetically speaking.......You have a Stock Tri-Glide in perfect condition and sell it to someone, And to sweeten the deal give the buyer a 30 day Guarantee...........And then the buyer 10 days later blows the engine and wants you to pay for a new engine......And upon looking at the Trike you find he the buyer added all those after market parts that you mentioned to the perfectly stock Trike you sold to him ..... ....What would you say to the buyer....????
    I think the MM Act is appropriate. If the mod caused the problem, then he voided the warranty.

    If his mod did not cause the problem, he did not void the warranty.

    Just 1 example of how Harley is abusing the illegal power give to them by the Consent Decree with the EPA-

    Someone installs V&H slip-ons onto their M8 Softail. A month later one of the sparks plugs rattle loose out of the head. The slip-ons had NO bearing on the spark plug being installed loose at the factory, resulting in damaged threads in the head.

    But the entire power train warranty is voided. Ridiculous, but that is the intended consequence of the collusion the occurred between Harley & the EPA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikllijak View Post
    No, the temps should...should be in the daytime 60s and cooler at night. But, can snow anytime in the midwest!

    Love Beartooth! We've done it twice...but never on the trike. Daughter was 15 yrs old on our 1st trip...SD motorcycle learners permit... on a 650 Suzuki single...was that called a 'Bandit'? Stayed in Red Lodge, so up to Cooke City and back. Her first big trip, from NE SD there and back. Wife and I were on a 650 Yamaha V Star. This was back in 2007. Don't want to ride 1800 miles on either bike again! 2nd time was a solo trip on the Heritage in 2014 or 2015 I think?, blast!!

    It's about 800+ miles to Red Lodge from home...hmmmm, 2 day ride out, ride the Pass, 2 days home...easy week! May have to keep July in play!!

    Got a call from the HD service mgr today (Saturday). With nicer weather back home, they were able to put some miles on the Tri. He said the tech had bypassed the relocated filter and cooler, rode it around 40 miles and no clicking sound. He recommended the higher pressure pump. We were out on a ride, so I wasn't able to read back what you had told me in the previous post about oil pressure and start up, etc. The dealership is closed Sunday and Monday, so I told him I'd call back on Tuesday when I could be at the computer and read our conversation to him. Wait and see, I guess....and, I forgot to ask about my ESP coverage or estimated cost if not covered.


    What was the out come? was it a new oil pump ? was it covered by warranty ?

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