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Thread: Shock preload system service 08 GL 1800

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    Default Shock preload system service 08 GL 1800

    Hello Folks, My 08 Champion SA trike uses the stock Honda shock, and the "preload" adjuster that you adjust from the fairing left lower area is what I am referring to. I am familiar with how the system works, using hydraulic fluid, and a small motor with a pump mounted in the right side of the bike, behind where the saddlebag was. When increasing pressure from "0" it does not "catch" ,or change sound until you get to 12 -13, then it can be pumped all the way up to 25. I know I need to add some fluid , and re seat the piston in the pump, to make it right. On a Champion, it seems almost impossible to remove the 4 bolts holding the pump/motor assembly to get at the banjo fitting/ hose (which is pointing downwards) Has anyone had any luck removing the shock and preload mechanism without first removing the fiberglass body? If removal is necessary, how hard is it? Does the trunk have to come off first before the trike body, or can it be left in place? I really dont need to mess with the shock, just turn the pump part down side up, to refill it with fluid.

    Thanks alot

    Rick D.
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    Common problem with the Honda system. Honda insists on using rubber hose for the rear pump/preload. Over time that hose gets distorted and all you're doing is expanding the hose until it gets tight before the pump actually starts to operate correctly. I can't help you with body and pump removal but suggest that when you get "in there" to replace the rubber hose with a braded metal one.

    Get ahold of Mark DeSimone at D&D Discount Motorcycle in Tempe, AZ. He is the owner of Champion Trikes of Arizona. I'm sure he can point you in the right direction. If this turns out to not be a DIY job, that is where I would have the work done. Good luck..... Jim
    2008 Honda GL1800/California Sidecar Trike
    Semper Fi

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