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Thread: Honda Brake recall.

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    Default Honda Brake recall.

    I recently purchased a 2003 Honda gl1800 with a Roadsmith kit. It was triked in 2004. The mechanic at the trike dealers states that my bike has not had the brakes recall #SB23 done. I looked it up per vin # and sure enough it has not been done. He stated that it Must be done by a Honda dealer. I would not think Honda would touch it since it was triked. Is Honda still responsible for the faulty parts on the non-triked 1/2? seams to be a master cylinder problem.
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    Same answer as before. Yes Honda covers it even if triked. At least they did mine

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    Local Honda dealer did mine with no issues. They said whether it was triked or not Honda would do the recall. The only dealer other than them wouldnt do it because they claimed they couldnt do trikes because they didnt have the ability to work on vehicles like that. But yet they service Honda 4 wheelers of all sizes. Call around if you get the runaround.

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    I had three different Honda dealer tell me they would do the recall, only to tell me when I arrived the parts were are backorder and would take two - three months to get them. I would have to leave my trike there in order to keep my place in line. A complete load of BS.

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