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Well...... It happened to me again today! I clicked on an innocent looking link and all hell broke loose. Bells, whistles, and sirens going off and my computer locked up. I now know to just hit the power button when that happens. Don't even try to log off or anything. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then power back up. It does take some time to get everything back up.....maybe 10 minutes. But the bad guys are gone, everything normal, and no ransom paid...... Jim
Are you running Windows10/11? If you are see if you can stop the automatic updates as anything can be coming in with an update, lay dormant and then present a nasty problem. In Linux Mint I get to chose the updates and then verify them. You are the second person that has had tomfoolery on his computer today. I run two browsers on my laptop Firefox and Waterfox both are secure. 3 search engines Startpage, duck duck go and Swisscows.